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Pacitti always empowers our son to have a positive day and do his best. Mariana Crocker at Arrowhead Elementary School is a great teacher. She communicates with us about any issues in the class and follows kseniakontomanoli.000webhostapp.com as needed.

Through this correspondence, it is apparent that she is committed to the well-being of all her students. Regular communication leland high school homework live parents and teachers is fundamental to students’ success.

Scott Kamholtz inspires students to be mindful of health and fitness We would like to nominate Mr. Both our boys have adored his class and him for years, especially the athletic challenges. However, this year the additional focus on nutrition and getting stronger has motivated them even more and beyond their sports. He is probably the most oft-quoted person in our home. They also think and talk about fitness and practice their situps and pushups at home before doing any kind of digital activity.

As parents, we like to think we offer good options and balanced meals, but they have been even more conscious about making wise choices and taking ownership for them.

We are thankful to Mr. We appreciate his efforts. She volunteers her time to tutor before school and makes herself available to her students to help them achieve success.

She has great relationships with her students, and they know when they are in her classroom they are going to learn. I am very grateful for all she does to deliver meaningful instruction each day and motivate her middle school learners to achieve greatness.

Hedrick is an amazing teacher! Guy Liuzzi is an enthusiastic, leland high school homework live, funny, respectful teacher I want to take a minute to express my gratitude for a fantastic teacher at Independence Middle School. My son is a sixth-grader who was fortunate enough to be assigned Mr.

Liuzzi as his social studies teacher. In my son’s words, “Everyone who has Mr. He’s the leland high school homework live teacher. Liuzzi shows so much enthusiasm and energy. He clearly loves to teach and that really makes kids love to learn. Middle school is rough, so having a teacher who is kind and funny is just such a bright part of their day. He doesn’t shy away from tough subjects or tough questions.

He is very genuine and thoughtful and expects great things from the kids. My son has now decided that he wants to teach someday. He’s an amazing and inspiring teacher and we’re really thankful that our son is in his class. Recine is a third-grade teacher at Glenwood Elementary school.

My daughter has attended school leland high school homework live since kindergarten. Recine is the most dedicated, phenomenal teacher I have ever encountered at any school level.

She decorated her room at the beginning of the school year that created such a positive learning environment. Since school has started, she makes sure to inform parents regularly of everything that they are learning in class that week. She even sends us pictures of the projects. As a working mother, it has been so great to be able to engage in conversations with my child about her day because Mrs. Recine lost her father.

She had to leave town on an emergency. Recine sent everyone a note that the children would have a substitute and that she had to leave town. During the time she was gone, she constantly was keeping informed with her substitute and relaying information to us. Even in such a tragic moment in her life, she still made sure to be percent involved in communication. This leland high school homework live amazed me at how dedicated to teaching Mrs. She puts in the long hours at school, whether it is staying late to accommodate parents for conferences, PTA events or prepping for awesome learning experiences.

Recine gives more back into education than is expected. She definitely deserves to be recognized for being a great teacher. Please recognize the difference she makes in our community, school and classroom! Deleyah Holly is the best. What an amazing teacher! Leanne Criscitiello, a seventh-grade English teacher at Bayside Middle School, is the epitome of a relationship-builder. Every time creative writing concepts enter her class, I instantly want to sit down and watch her magic.

She is a magnet for warmth and caring, not only for her students, but for her peers as well. Her students know it and feel it, too. During a recent conversation with Format of term paper presentation advisory group, several students said to me, “We really believe she cares about our future and us as people.

Criscitiello is a model for us all. I’ve been teaching sinceand each time I am in her presence she teaches me something new about relationship building. Kathy Verrey and LaQuetta Verrey leland high school homework live patience, care and support in pre-kindergarten I would have to say my daughter has two leland high school homework live teachers for pre-kindergarten, and they deserve the world and back.

I would love to recognize Mrs. They have been very patient with her. They work with her so much and they have so much concern and care for her. They have so much information and their communication is the very good.

They both are very supportive of my daughter and I appreciate everything they have done for leland high school homework live.

Thompson and her team have taken PE to a whole new level this school year. Thompson keeps the focus on wellness and leland high school homework live the reach of physical education.

In the fall, the PE department held an “Amazing Race” day of competition for the middle school students. This already logistically-challenging day was made more challenging by inclement weather. The event quickly shifted inside and went off without a hitch due to the extensive and thoughtful planning by Mrs. Thompson and the PE team. The department also began monthly long-runs that require coordinating parent volunteers along a long course path and students running the course throughout the day.

Teachers and staff have even been seen running along with their students as the school community works towards improving wellness. At about the same time, Mrs. Thompson and the department teamed up to lead the Top Chef competition, integrating healthy cooking menu planning into the Scratch Cooking Initiative. The program culminated in a Top Chef essay speech on school bullying menu day where students prepared their designed menu for students, staff, and visitors.

In addition to these two specific examples, Mrs. Thompson enthusiastically partners with groups like the PTA for programs such as a Fun Run and the Shamrock race events. These certainly take time out of her busy schedule, and her insight, support and valued contributions make events run smoothly.

We moved to the area midyear last year, so my son started in fifth grade at an odd time. Coming from out of state, my son knew no one and didn’t feel confident that he would be able to jump in academically as well. He had nothing to worry about because he was fortunate enough to have Mrs. Bates as his teacher. But what struck us most is how discerning she is.

She immediately made an effort to really see our son, to really get to know him. She provided so much wisdom and excellent advice for his education. My son began to really look forward to going to school. He has always done well academically, but he started to also just feel happy leland high school homework live at school. He felt supported, and her positive attitude and kindness made a world of difference to him.

Talking with other parents and being in the classroom last year, it was so obvious that Mrs. Bates is equally invested in each of her students, seeing them as individuals and helping to steer each one to success. Her enthusiasm and commitment was inspiring and it made such a difference to our whole family. She is an amazing teacher and an asset to any student lucky enough to be in her classroom.

Meghan Mathews, a leland high school homework live education teacher at Glenwood Elementary School. Mathews does not work or serve for awards or accolades, but simply to inspire and impact all those she comes in contact with each day. She is really teaching children whom she freely offers love, acceptance and grace.

I cannot give her enough praise. She truly goes above and beyond to help her students achieve their goals. My daughter has leland high school homework live so many skills both socially and educationally. Tonia has devoted her career to those who struggle and need an advocate. She even stays in touch with her former students who have moved on to Green Run High School. It is not unusual to find her sitting in the stands supporting her former students who participate on a Stallion sports team or in the audience of a play or concert.

Tonia Waters is an amazing educator who spreads love, joy and her faith in the power of education to everyone she meets.

She helps students dream big and sets them on the path to achieve them. Sullivan deserves to be recognized as one of the great teachers in Virginia Beach City Public Schools. My daughter is a kindergartner in her class this year. Sullivan goes over and beyond what is required for a teacher to do for her students and parents. She communicates daily with her students’ parents though Seesaw and takes extra time out of her busy schedule to post photos and videos of students’ work so that parents are aware of what is being learned undergraduate sociology dissertation the classroom.

Sullivan often posts additional resources on Seesaw for her students after school hours and weekends, which shows how much she cares for her students even during her time off.

My daughter comes home smiling every day and loves school because Ms. Sullivan teaches students using techniques that are not only fun, but techniques that really work in helping students remember what is being taught.

Sullivan is definitely a one-of-a-kind teacher who makes parents feel at ease when sending their child to school every day. I appreciate all that you do. As my AP European History teacher at Princess Anne High School, I have enjoyed her interpretations of historical events and our class discussions on issues in the past and present. My love for her is everflowing and abounding, to such an extent that I consider her not only my favorite teacher but my best friend.

She understands perspectives and views of all kinds and I look up to her for that. Her students love her eccentric personality and wondrous glow. I want her to know through this that everyone appreciates her and her hard work does not go leland high school homework live.

I will never forget her when I graduate baylor essay topics 2013 year. He wanted them inspired beyond their known marching band horizons. Thanks to multiple fundraising efforts and prudent planning, the students and chaperones were able to charter a bus and stay overnight. As an interesting side note, Cary Band Days is an event Mr.

Duggan himself marched in when he led the marching band of Kempsville High School as drum major in Making great dreams happen for students as individuals is also something Mr. For students pursuing All-District Band positions, he offered individual practice sessions every morning at 6: That standing offer lasted for six weeks. His influence reaches leland high school homework live the classroom, too, as students talk to him about their life outside of research proposal conclusion and they value his opinion.

He is a mentor to many. We are thankful for his leadership in the classroom, find it an honor to serve his student, and feel leland high school homework live fema training decision making and problem solving watching him interact with his students.

She makes learning things fun, she is always full of energy and ready to actually engage in the lessons with my fellow peers and me. Kane never comes in class without a smile on her face and no matter how you feel when you walk in her class, she will have you leland high school homework live before the end of the period.

He always tells me how fun his class is and how Mr. Leland is constantly engaged with all the children and making class fun. Leland has a leland high school homework live positive attitude and is very supportive of my son and that says a lot. There needs to be more teachers who are like this; he has a great heart and is a very strong support system.

This is what children need when they are away from their parents. I have always been involved at some level in my kids’ schools for over 20 years now. Over the years it’s easy to recognize a teacher who is a maverick within their league of leland high school homework live adults. Thompson is passionate about her topic: She is passionate about PAHS. She is especially passionate about her students.

She has as much energy for the first class of her day as she does for the last class. We must find a way to clone her and that energy which she brings to her classroom! I especially appreciate Ms. Thompson’s interaction with seniors in being a sounding board for setting realistic expectations as these young people navigate their way through the last year of high school. She reminds students to not overstress — they absolutely will get into some college, and reminds her students that if they ever need to talk kollouna.net is available to them.

I am very glad my daughter has had the opportunity to have Ms. Thompson as a teacher. Her exuberance has furthered my daughter’s interest in pursuing not only Spanish but potentially other languages. Martin who teaches fourth grade at White Oaks Elementary. My daughter has always had trying times during the school year with focusing, staying interested and enjoying learning. This is the first time in over five years my daughter has not had any trouble at all and is leland high school homework live every single day to go to school and see her teacher.

Martin is a very sweet and caring young lady who is a great teacher and a truly genuine person. Not only is she caring and nice but she is involved with each of her students and makes them all feel important. She is amazing at respecting and communicating with all of us parents.

She also goes above and beyond to help each and every one of her students. She teaches an inclusion class and you’d never think it was any different than any other class because of how great her class operates. For a teacher in her first year of teaching, she is truly commendable and doing a superior job. Pitchford, who also assists Mrs. Martin, is another tremendous teacher who is an integral part of how great this year’s class truly is. It’s thanks to teachers like this that help kids gain a love for school and learning they never thought they could have!

Not only are the teachers at the Tech Center seasoned educators, they are leland high school homework live professionals in their represented industry working diligently to provide their students with the tools necessary to meet industry certification requirements and, in some cases, pass state board exams to obtain their licenses to work in their chosen field.

Encompassing all the district requirements as well as covering trade requirements can be overwhelming for most; however, Ms. Emma Williams has created a warm environment in which her students consistently find success.

Williams teaches cosmetology, which goes beyond polishing nails and fluffing hair. She treats her students professionally as if they were in a salon. On Thursdays and Fridays, the general public can come in and have services done by her students, and one definitely gets the feel of being in a high-end salon. Her students respect her and listen. This is quite evident as you watch her move about the chaotic room, where every student is working on something different.

One may be cutting hair, another working on a manicure, one attempting a facial, and yet someone else attempting a waxing. Many seasoned teachers have a difficult time working with one skill in a classroom. Imagine a classroom where students are all working on different skills. Throughout the session her name can be called 50 times over, and she effortlessly manages to get around the room helping each student perfect the techniques of each skill and continuously builds confidence.

Williams to trust her with their problems and concerns. They seek out her advice from school matters to leland high school homework live matters. Williams finds a way to lend a compassionate ear. Many of her former students stay in contact with her 13 colonies homework seeking advice or sharing their accomplishments within the industry.

Take one look at Ms. Williams walking the halls at the Tech Center, and you will immediately recognize the face of cosmetology. I was awkward, unsure, and uneasy in my skin, but I was curious about the world in which we live. While I remember little about the content of my class a life pursuing English will do thatI remember excitement and joy, but better and more importantly, I remember feeling seen.

For a girl on the fringes, smart but nervous and shy, Mrs. Neydon’s awareness of my interest propelled me to new ventures. With her encouragement, I applied to the then Math and Science Magnet School at Ocean Lakes High School, which shaped my life and vision for my future so much so that I now teach at my alma mater. What I know to be true, however, is that my life was not the only life touched by the influence of this leland high school homework live teacher. I always mention Mrs.

I have heard many stories of helping with science lab prep and encouraging words urging students to pursue big dreams. As she said in an email exchange last year, teaching is “about encouraging young people to make this mark in the world and to find their passion.

What else can we want in our educators but a commitment to the lifelong pursuit of finding the best in our students? I, for one, am grateful for the hand Mrs. Neydon had in shaping my life and changing its trajectory. Twelve-year-old me should have told her more often how special she was to me.

My adult self is doing that now. Robinson believed in him even when he didn’t believe in himself. She kept encouraging him and never made him feel like less of a student. We worked hard with him at home but he was still having issues. We worked together as a team to come up with strategies to help him succeed. She was receptive, kind, and communication was always open.

With her and Dr. Manigo’s help cheap writing essay get him in the right direction, my little man is now in the fourth grade. His reading score was so low at the start of the year, below if I remember correctly, and he finished with a I have that amazing teacher to thank for that and the wonderful support staff at Providence.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it’s true. We trust these educators with our children daily to help guide, motivate, educate and enrich their lives. Robinson has true passion for her job, and it shows in her work. She cares for each of her students and wants what is truly best for each individual child. She has the fortitude to see when there is a problem and works to rectify it. To see where we started — the possibility of retention, and to see how well he finished with promotion to fourth grade, I was overwhelmed.

I understand that teaching is sometimes a thankless job. The hours are long, it can be noisy, stressful, and downright draining. admission essay writing also have not found any evidence that safety was an issue when the Chinese workers went on strike for a week in June, It is hard to accept that the workers would go on strike asking for a pay raise from thirty-five to forty dollars a month without demanding improved safety if there had been mass casualties with ultimately about 1 in 7.

Note that if William F. Chew’s much higher estimate of the size of the Chinese workforce were correct, this would correspondingly lower the calculated death rate, but he attempts to calculate the size of the workforce despite his reseach showing names of the many headmen listed but almost all of the “nameless” Chinese laborers left unrecorded and most of the monthly payroll documents missing. How can you add up worker counts from multiple but incomplete payroll records and eliminate duplicates so as not to repeatedly recount the same workers month after month when most of the laborers are as he states in the title of his book “nameless”?

If true, who recovered these bones for shipment to China? How were graves located and massive amounts of bones retrieved along hundreds of miles of track in the wilderness?

funnymoment12.000webhostapp.com for the remains also of miners and other Chinese who had died over a period of two decades finally to be transported on that train which arrived in Sacramento on June 29, ?

Is the Elko Independent article of January 5, instead correct that “every defunct male is carefully preserved for shipment to the Occident” in which case the estimate Main thesis of i have a dream speech 20, pounds of remains, even if correct would equate to perhapsnot 1, fatalities?

It would be interesting to know the number of documented fatalities from building the UPRR from Omaha to Promontory as a comparison, but former UPRR Historian, Don Snoddy has “never seen anything that even remotely Gd salwan public school winter holiday homework how many fatalities there were.

Bain confirms that, regarding the Union Pacific Railroad construction, “No, there is no toll in any one place. One could go through all the leland high school homework live telegrams and reports and begin to get the numbers killed by Indians or in selectively reported melees in the Hell towns, but I never saw any figures for accidents, best paper writing website etc.

Can you provide other information about construction related casualties so that we can better evaluate the accuracy of this newspaper guess of 1, killed leland high school homework live appears so doubtful, and which was contradicted by another article published the same day stating that the number was 50? Are deaths from smallpox being confused with construction accidents? It is particularly inappropriate for authors to seize on this solitary and internally inconsistent newspaper article’s likely overestimate of casualties apparently based neither on actually weighing nor counting the bodiesand then attempt to further inflate the casualty figures by double counting fatalities total casualties does not equal the number who died plus the number reburied!

We conclude that any claim of more than Chinese killed is extremely dubious. O’Rourke What was the weight of a keg of black powder used on the original construction of the Central Pacific Railroad during the years as produced by the Santa Cruz Powder Company or any libreriafeminista.000webhostapp.com California source?

Were they 25 lb. The Sacramento Union Newspaper, Sept. The works are owned by a San Francisco company of capitalists. The various departments of powder making — and there are many — are carried on The capacity of the mills has recently been increased to six hundred kegs of powder per day — a third more than formerly.

The manufacture of the kegs — really the most interesting part of the business — is performed by Chinamen. The work of sawing, edging and joining the staves, turning the heads, preparing the hoops, etc. Shipments were made around the Horn or the Isthmus of Panama Before leland high school homework live the shipments of powder by sea was entirely prohibited California Powder Works leland high school homework live in l In May the use of wooden kegs was was discontinued and machinery installed for the manufacture of metallic kegs Crocker in the month of March, paid July 5, ” and “Camp 2, March, wayan2.000webhostapp.com State RR Museum was built, but we are leland high school homework live to document the source of this figure.

The Ranger at Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Marin Co. Each group had a cook who paper writer service only prepared their meals but was required to have a large boiler of hot water each night so that when the Chinese came off the grade they could fill their little tubs made from powder kegs and take a hot sponge bath.

This bath and change of clothes was a regular thing every night before they took their evening meal. I of Transactions in as Gilliss’ report, by E. Twenty-five pound tin cans of powder were leland high school homework live on work in What is the purpose and history of such lookouts?

The “lookouts” were to spot fires leland high school homework live had been started by sparks or embers from the engines along the tracks in general — and particularly in the snowsheds. Fire trains were always kept manned and ready steam up along the line especially at the Summit station to be dispatched by telegraph to put out these fires as leland high school homework live as they were leland high school homework live. The large, inverted cone shaped structures installed over the stacks of all wood burning engines were also for this purpose.

These were called spark arrestors. They consisted of a deflector cone leland high school homework live over the smokestack located inside the arrestor to force the steam and smoke exhaust against the sides of the spark arrestor which trapped most of the embers which had escaped from the firebox. Installed over the top of the arrestor was a dome shaped wire screen leland high school homework live also was designed to prevent these embers from escaping from the arrestor.

Fires along the line have always been one of the most serious types of casualty for steam railroads. This was especially true for the Sierra portion of the CPRR because of remoteness of the line, the leland high school homework live forests, and the many miles of timber snowsheds. Cooper “Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly. If you have a slow Internet connectionyou can CLICK ” Faster ” on the tan navigation bar on the Welcome or Home pages to see the leland high school homework live page with smaller, more compressed pictures that download more than six times faster.

The smaller pictures won’t be as pretty and detailed, but it’s a time saver. We know you hate waiting for web pages to download — we do too. We have experimented endlessly with varying image size, resolution, sharpness, compression, and formatting, leland high school homework live both jpeg and gif images using Adobe Photoshop, Canvas, Corel Photo-Paint, Quicknailer, Web Vise, and Graphic Converter leland high school homework live to speed image downloading.

We know the statistics that say that many people leave after 20 seconds and that 3 minutes to download a page via a dial-up Internet connection is way too leland high school homework live. We don’t know how to create high quality, quick loading more highly compressed files.

Fortunately, wavelet compression will be included in JPEG We’ve provided alternate faster-loading welcome and faster-loading home pages which have smaller pictures, and exhibits with smaller index images that you can click on when you want to see the larger images.

If you know how to do better, please tell us! Consequently, we plan to adopt JPEG when it becomes widely supported by web browsers. JPEG is scheduled to become an international standard. And suppose you were a member of Congress.

  • The number of dots per inch refers to the original photograph, not the digital image in the computer.
  • Scott Kamholtz inspires students to be mindful of health and fitness We would like to nominate Mr.
  • Overall, she is a delight as a teacher and a pleasant example why I love the Virginia Beach public school system.
  • The Chinaman ran to the house and gained admittance at the back door.
  • These bones of about twelve hundred Chinese who died in the building of the transcontinental line were eventually shipped home.
  • Instead of providing an isolating and mind-numbing experience, technology is a creative and exciting tool that gives teens freedom—to express themselves, to get information, and to learn.
  • The lighter ones have been in the ground some years and the heavier, in the ground a year or two.
  • I am incredibly grateful for Ms.
  • I am also on the PTA board and she is the first to volunteer for any events we have.

But then I repeat myself. We would appreciate your letting us know leland high school homework live your link so that we can establish a reciprocal link, if appropriate. Thanks for your link! Noticed that your site is posted on leland high school homework live major search engines. I am trying to post [my website] to the Literature review ptsd veterans engines with little luck.

Could you tell me your secret? The film can be used to introduce students to the leland high school homework live or to serve as a reward after they have read the book. The TWM Learning Guide provides writing exercises for students who have seen the movie or read the book.

Students will learn how to use, analyze and interpret foreshadowing and characterization through showing rather than telling. These techniques can then be shown in written literature.

The film begins with somber, yet inviting music that looks upon a dark road leading as in “infinite regress” to a distant mountain. The scene lightens to brilliant colors which then begin to fade as the credits finish.

Eventually, all is dark except for shadows of clouds above the mountain leland high school homework live. Quickly, the scene changes and we see Louise waiting tables and Thelma in her kitchen at home. Their personalities are clearly portrayed by what is shown as they decide to take the trip and do their packing. Students will practice deriving theme from a scene in a novel that has been adapted to film.

The fishing scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a powerful presentation of a thematic concept. In addition, students reading Ken Kesey’s novel will enjoy seeing the film’s presentation of this important scene. The joyful energy spent catching the fish shows on the faces of the inmates; pqpm.ece.fr have become happy, successful men rather than the troubled spirits they are at the hospital.

Whether or not students read the book or see the entire movie, the snippet illustrates one of the film’s ideas: Students studying American Literature will gain a sense of the writing of Nathaniel Hawthorne and see connections between his advanced thinking and similar themes found in pop culture.

Students will observe the same ideas presented in two different media from two different time periods. The comparison between American literature of the first half of the 19th century and modern rock and roll will engage students and motivate them to complete their assignments. Description of the Film Clip: Hawthorne writes about a young man who leaves his wife, Faith, to explore the leland high school homework live side by going into the forest at night to see what evils lurk there.

He has an appointment to meet a stranger who can be seen as the personification of the devil. The stranger shows Goodman Brown the hypocrisy and evil of the leland high school homework live good people in his family and his town. The lyrics of “Sympathy for the Devil” communicate the same idea making reference to historical events in an echo of the examples given by the stranger. The events transcend time and are dissimilar in detail showing the broad range of evil in Cover letter for dyfs affairs and the frequent duplicity in human behavior.

Even elementary school students are listening to their iPods, playing video games, texting, tweeting, e-mailing, prowling YouTube and watching the cooking channel. First, a brief digression Extensive research has established the need for college and career ready students to be able s1.demo.opensourcecms.com greater than that required in K This new section of TeachWithMovies.

The Ox-Bow Incident A frontier town in Nevada is rocked by news that a respected rancher has been murdered. The sheriff is out of town. Impatient townspeople form a posse. Three strangers are soon found herding cattle marked with the brand belonging to the murdered rancher.

One of the strangers has the rancher’s gun. He tells the posse that he bought it from the rancher but leland high school homework live, he has no evidence. Most of the posse wants to string the strangers up immediately.

A few men argue that ceritaojol.000webhostapp.com posse should wait and turn the strangers leland high school homework live to the sheriff. What will the posse do? The Guide will help teachers introduce in a graphic way the meaning and importance of due process and the risks of mob rule. An active TWM login is required in order to view these links.