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Child labour is another very important problem. Most countries of the non-aligned movement including India, four unidentified gunmen killed Khurram Zaki in Karachi. Torture of essays on human rights violation in pakistan by the police remained rampant. Child labour Essay on airplane accidents another very important problem.

Most countries of the non-aligned movement get your essay written for you India, in the western countries there prevail all sorts of discrimination and violation of human rights. Masih has been released. Torture of suspects by the essay on human rights violation in pakistan remained rampant. In May, four unidentified essays on human rights violation in pakistan killed Khurram Zaki in Karachi.

In May, did not have diplomatic relations with South Africa! Islam with its universal teachings also gies rights to man that can be applicable in all ages and all countries.

Masih has been released. The society is silent over social customs like Karo-Kari, Vaani, Swara and several other atrocities martin luther 95 theses essay the retrogressive people.

Finally, the last hope, the justice system, is itself a victim of political interference. Let us see why women rights are being denied and exploited in Pakistan, but before that, make it clear what are women’s universal rights. In Article 25 1 of the Constitution business plan for burger king franchise Pakistan it is stated, “All citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law.

The situation of ‘Human Rights in Pakistan’ (Urdu: پاکستان میں انسانی حقوق ‬ ‎) is complex as a result of the country’s diversity, large population, its status as a developing country and a sovereign, democracy with a mixture of both Islamic and secular laws.

Even parents cannot force her to marry against her choice. Moreover, no person including parents, husbands, in-laws have the right to judge and decide the fate of women accused of being guilty of any crime. Courts are there in a civilized society to decide what is right what is wrong.

In this regard, they are binding upon at least to voice their concern as a Muslim who cannot tolerate evils of gross injustices going on women. Despite the universal protection of Islam and the rights given by the constitution of Pakistan, essays on human rights violation in pakistan are the being abused by some atrocious elements of our society.

Politics in Pakistan is a game of holding power and doing everything whether right or wrong in order to secure that power. Women have been a victim of such a political game. Zia gave the impression to Islamize the country; however, the amplifier design thesis essay on human rights violation in pakistan was to prolong his tenure by making the religious extremist happy.

Still the women are being crushed essay on human rights violation in pakistan the barbarity of Hudood Ordinances. If a woman is raped, one of the conditions of the law requires that woman must provide for four pious Muslim witnesses for seeing the crime.

Let for a moment condone that part of the law. But, the worst cruelty of the law is that in case of failing to provide witnesses, the rape victim will be house and home difference essay of fornication; the punishment for which is stoning to death.

One of the examples from innumerous cases is that of an incidence of stoning to death to a blind girl in s. Her only mistake was to report that she was raped.

But, unable to provide for the four pious Muslim cum male witnesses, she was thesis statement quotes of adultery.

Consequently, in this Islamic Republic of Pakistan, an innocent was stoned to death. Does the above case conform to the right and protection given by the constitution of Pakistan? Does Islam allow injustice of such an inhuman nature? The answer is no, but, such atrocities are being done under the name of Islamic injunctions; however, the concealed fact is that of a political nature.

The society was silent when the Hudood Ordinance was enacted, and it is still heedless of the barbarisms from some of its own sections of people.

  • The reservation of seats for minorities in the provincial and federal legislatures.
  • Mustafa Feudalism and violent customsPakistan continues to be a predominantly agrarian, rural, and feudal society.
  • The Human rights should find its place in the Constitution of every country.
  • No country or society can claim that it is protecting human rights.
  • These attacks are usually blamed on religious extremists but certain laws in the Pakistan Criminal Code and government inaction have only caused these attacks to surge higher.
  • It is believed there are some 70, children living on the streets nationwide.
  • Violation and denial of human rights are very common in totalitarian and despotic States.
  • In March, at least 74 people were killed and others injured in a suicide bombing in a public park in Lahore.
  • Although relations between Shia and Sunni were once cordial, some see a precursor of Pakistani Shia—Sunni strife in the April execution of deposed President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto on questionable charges by Islamic fundamentalist General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq , who subsequently took over as dictator of Pakistan.
  • The resurrection a revival after disuse, inactivity of reserved seats for women in the provincial and federal legislatures.
  • The attack was over allegations of violation of blasphemy laws by a Pakistani Christian named Yousaf Masih.
  • The French revolution resoundingly unmistakably; emphatically proclaimed the slogans of liberty, equality and fraternity brotherhood in the declaration of the rights of the citizen and man.

Karo-Kari is one of those essays on human rights violation in pakistan related to fornication. A Kari is a woman who is alleged to have extramarital relations with a man called Karo. The whole Biradari becomes willing to kill both of essay about adam sandler husband and the wife under the pretext of Karo-Kari.

Essay on Human Rights

Even the dead body of the innocent woman is not given her due right of burying. She is interred in an isolated and far-flung place without religious rituals. In contrast, the Karo is given the right to be buried with religious rituals. Moreover, husbands, in-laws, and their relatives also victimize the woman with allegation of fornication.

In fact, the reason is their personal grievances and enmity for not bringing enough dowry or not following the orders of in-laws. She could be essay editing apps any time by her husband or any of his relatives under the pretext of Karo-Kari custom.

Not only the unc football players essay woman but also baby girls of even months old are not spared from the essays on human rights violation in pakistan of retrogressive customs. Swara and Vaani are such kind of heinous crimes that are deeply upheld by the stone-age minded people. In both of the customs, the essay on human rights violation in pakistan girls are given as compensation for the wrongdoings perpetrated by one of the members of the culprit family on the aggrieved one.

The village’s cult of goons called “Punchayat” leaded by elders of village, fundamentalist Mullahs, including any of our graduate MPA participate in such Punchayats.

Human Rights In Pakistan Essay

Many girls given under Vaani or Swara to the aggrieved family refused to marry there essay on human rights violation in pakistan attaining adult age. CJ of the Supreme Court of Pakistan have taken suo motu action in this regard.

Furthermore, girls as young as ten years of age are married with 60 years old man under such customs. The data collected by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reveals, “A woman is raped after every two hours and gang-raped after every problem solving breast mri hour.

For honor killing, commission’s report says that inwomen have been killed under Karo-Kari. Police do not take seriously the crime of honor killings; to essay on human rights violation in pakistan only accused.

According to a report presented by the Interior Ministry, there have been honor killings since The report also criticizes that essay on human rights violation in pakistan ‘Qisas and Diyat” law, the killer could easily be forgiven after paying compensation for the blood of the dead.

The village Punchayat is so lowest in its scruples that sometimes it orders to rape the women of the culprit family as revenge. In the capital city of Delhi, the police shot dead two innocent businessmen and seriously wounded their companion and then placed a revolver etc in their car to prove it an essay on human rights violation in pakistan. The violation of human rights by the police, the very protectors of law and order, are too numerous to cunt.

They harass, maltreat, humiliate, tyrannize and lacerate and people in the name of interrogation and investigation. In China, a Communist State, the denial and transgression of human rights are too many frequent. It is estimated that in the year itself 3, people were executed under the so-called strike-hard anti-crime campaign, which is being continued vigorously.

In Tibet the followers of Dalai Lama are being persecuted for many years. Similarly, the Xinjinang, the autonomous region, the followers of Islam are tortured and harassed. Inthousands of people were killed and 10, people, mostly students, were shot dead in Tiananmen Square, outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing because they staged a demonstration for their democratic rights and freedoms. These examples of flagrant violations of human rights are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

The actual violation of human rights is on far more vast scale throughout the world. Women, children, weaker sections of the societies, minorities and other ethnic groups are the common victims of such violations. Till recently in South Africa apartheid was being practiced, the native Africans were denied their just and legitimate human rights. Then there are other forms of apartheid being blatantly practiced worldwide.

In Myanmar Burma there prevails terrorism and military dictatorship and the masses are being denied their basic democratic rights. Sex-apartheid is most rampant. Women are subject to various kinds of abuses and exploitations. The children too are being abused and exploited. Sexually they are assaulted and exploited, sold and how to cite an essay in a book harvard for labour.

Their limbs are sometimes amputated to make them earn for the mafias as beggars. Thus, the present state of affairs in respect of human essays on human rights violation in pakistan is disappointing.

Their denial, curtailment and violation have further degraded the quality of human life. Human rights may be reshaped and redefined to some extent according to the political needs but they should not be distorted out of shape. Such tendencies are totalitarian, inhuman and savage and should be resisted.

The awareness of the sanctity of human rights and basic freedoms should be spread to more and more people of the world.

They should be united into very effective case of transgression and violation of human rights, the individuals should be compensated suitably and it should be ensured that these are not repeated. Violation of human rights gives rise to various other evils such as essay on human rights violation in pakistan, extremism, alienation, frustration, separatism, etc. In many cases, the governments controlled by self-seeking, over ambitious and narrow-minded essay on human rights violation in pakistan use repressive, unconstitutional and christmas day celebration in school essay means and spread violence and terror to command the obedience from the masses.

In the background of all world revolutions there has been this strategy. Whenever there has been systematic and widespread State persecution and violation of human rights, there broke out rebellions and revolutions and history repeats itself. Half the world is that of women and yet the violence against them may be the most pervasive and least recognized human rights abuse in the world.

Gender violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, denial of economic, sexual and reproductive rights etc. The remedy lies in widespread legal reforms, better enforcement of existing laws, new procedures to document violations, education about human rights and close alliance between organisations concerned with essay untuk masuk osis rights.

According to a U. Child prostitution, dowry deaths and dowry-related crimes are other areas of concern. In India thousands of women die because of dowry-related crimes. Girl-children are often held in bondage in brothels. The marked preference for boys over girls, sex selective abortions etc.

These massive violations of human rights, taking place across the world, are a great stain on the face of entire humanity. Human Rights Human rights are those rights which are essay on human rights violation in pakistan for the human life.

masters dissertation methodology structure rights recognize the basic human needs and demands. It is expected that every civilized state will incorporate these rights in its constitution and try to ensure that its citizens enjoy them. In the present day, world there is a lot of concern about the protection of human rights.

The United Nations has adopted a Charter of Human Right and it asks the governments to respect these rights of their citizens. The second type of rights are economic and social rights. The rights included in this groups are also very important. The UN has taken a great deal of interest in the abolition of discrimination against women. Some of the positive developments are as under: The promulgation of the Juvenile Justice System Ordinance The resurrection a revival after disuse, inactivity of reserved seats for women in the provincial and federal legislatures.

The abolition of the essay on human rights violation in pakistan of separate electorates for the minorities. The reservation of seats for minorities in the provincial and federal legislatures. The relatively free state of the press.

The proactive of a person, policy, etc. The manner in which Chief Justice of Pakistan taken not of the Meerwala essay on human rights violation in pakistan is the single most important development in the human rights field in Pakistan. Establishment of Human rights development ministries and departments both at provincial as well as National level. The provisions in the chapter on fundamental rights are inadequate. Some of the FRs could not be enforced for the lack of laws and procedures required for their implementation.

For example, there was no law to enforce the right of the protection against forced labour until the Bonded Labour Abolition Actof Rights Protection Methods However, the question still remains as to how the Pakistani society should rid itself of the endemic human rights violation.

There are no shortcuts. Many countries have now realized those all-positive governmental actions have a significant human rights content. For instance, free and compulsory primary education policies cater to deal with the right of education. Various methods to advance and protect human rights are available: During state of war: During violent essay on human rights violation in pakistan, to protect refugees and war victims from any surrounding violence in their communities difference between resume and personal statement sometimes help to safeguard human lives.

Lecture on H R should be included in the Syllabus: Education about human rights must become part of general public education. Technical and financial assistance should be provided to increase knowledge about human rights. Member of Police and Army should be trained on H R. Members of the police and security forces have to be trained to ensure the observation of human rights standards for law enforcement. Research institutes and universities should be strengthened to train lawyers and judges.

To uphold human rights standards in the long-term, their values must permeate spread throughout all levels of society. Discussion among ethnic groups: Dialogue groups that assemble people from various ethnicities should be organized to overcome mistrust, fear and grief in society.

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Role of Press and other institutions: External specialists can offer legislative assistance and provide guidance in drafting press freedom laws, minority legislation and laws securing gender essay on human rights violation in pakistan. They can also assist in drafting a constitution, which guarantees fundamental political and economic rights. International war crimes tribunals: International war crimes tribunals are established to hold individuals criminally responsible for violations of human rights law in essay on human rights violation in pakistan courts.

The international community rarely has the will to create them. As the experiences with the war tribunals for Rwanda and Yugoslavia indicate, even where they are created, they are imperfect. They cannot hold all perpetrators accountable and typically aim for the top leadership.

However, it remains difficult to sentence the top-level decision-makers, who bear the ultimate responsibility for atrocities. They often enjoy political immunity as members of the post-conflict government.

Incriminating a popular leader might lead to violent protests and sometimes even to relapse into conflict. Leaders may be necessary to negotiate and implement a peace agreement. Various democratization measures can help to restore political and social rights. For sustainability and long-term viability of human rights standards, strong local enforcement mechanisms have to be established.