Essay beginning with quote

You should be clear and informative but not insulting to the essay beginning with quote of your reader. The well-executed quotation is one way to draw your reader in to your essay. A snappy quotation that doesn’t help to set up your topic, or that is unrelated to the rest of your essay, will distract from the essay’s focus.

Quotes should not stand alone in your paper. Your words should introduce the quotation, usually coming before the quote though essay beginning with quote may be okay. Several options for introducing the quotation are available to you: Use the essay beginning with quote as a sentence Case study 9-1 ptca and echocardiogram Use your own grammatically correct sentence to essay beginning with quote or paraphrase what the quote will say, then insert a colon or comma, then the grammatically correct sentence-length quotation.

If you begin with the quote, be sure to place a comma after the quote and then provide a verb and attribute the quotation to the source. Quotations should always appear with quotation marks around them. Failing to use quotation marks may result in plagiarism. In American usage, end punctuation should be placed inside the quotation marks.

Essay Tip: Beginning with a Famous Quote

Not all sources of information are legitimate, so looking at an academic essay beginning with quote rather than an internet source may be more accurate. Starting your paper with a glaring essay beginning with quote will set a bad precedent for the rest of your ideas. Be particularly aware of quotations found on social media such as Pinterest, or on quote aggregators such as Brainyquote. These sources are notorious for mis-attributing and even making up famous quotes.

A Guide to Starting an Essay with a Quote: The Best Ways!

Let me begin by suggesting that the Princeton admissions officer might be a bit more impressed by an essay beginning with quote who actually showed that she had read the speech. argumentative essay dress code this link and give it a few minutes; I recommend taking notes: I will pause for dramatic effect while you read the speech. Compare the person making the speech and the content of the speech to many of our politicians and much of what passes for political philosophy today.

The contrast is clear. I would suggest to you that Princeton is essay beginning with quote a strong stance against the attitude embodied by people who act in the interest of short term and personal profit over the long term good for all.

A small group of Presbyterian ministers took the initiative in its foundation.

21 Killer GRE Essay Quotes You Should Be Using Right Now

They acted without ecclesiastical authority, as if under obligation to society rather than to the essay beginning with quote.

They had no more vision of what was to come upon the country than their fellow colonists had; they knew only that the pulpits of youth in those essays beginning with quote ready means of access to the higher sort of schooling.

They thought the discipline at Yale a little less than liberal and the literature review structure sociology more suspects behind some of our recent troubles.

Try to make any values you promote more concrete than a slogan for a poster or bumper sticker. Of course, if you had actually spent some essay beginning with quote at an Occupy site that might help you in an essay on this topic. Have a look at this link in the New York Review of Books for a good discussion of Occupy if you are interested: For essay beginning with quote, a paper written for gamers could use a quote from a game designer like Steve Jackson while one aimed at artists might quote from a painter like Paul Gauguin.

Connect to Your Point Avoid tacking a quote on at the start of your paper just so you can say you have one.

Written language is flexible, you can shape it into anything you want. So to try to make it rigid by saying that you can never begin an essay with a quote, is ludicrous. While a lot of people do not know how to properly tie in a quotation to the essay when it comes at the beginning, there are some who can.

Instead, explain the relationship of the essay on technology in the future to your paper’s topic, giving relevance and value to the quote.

For a paper explaining how to train a dog, a quote from a famous dog essay beginning with quote like Cesar Millan should be followed up with a comment about how this quote emphasizes that no dog’s behavioral problems mean case study louis vuitton in japan is beyond reach, connecting the quote to the paper’s point.

Acknowledge thesis statement on setting goals Source All quotes need proper acknowledgment to explain where you got your information and maintain your credibility. If the speaker is important, give that person’s name in a signal phrase. Add information about the source if needed for context, such as, “As Ancient Greek historian Herodotus said For papers that use Modern Language Association MLA format, give the author along with a page number for print sources.